Real stories

Real-life experiences of domestic abuse and domestic violence.

Thinking woman

Photo by Kr. B.

Jessica: “I am stronger than he can ever know”
Low self esteem and a stalking ex were just two of the challenges Jessica overcame to heal after years of mental abuse.

Emma: “His need for control had deadly consequences”
Emma’s husband of 20 years used emotional blackmail as a means of controlling her and his family – often resorting to suicide threats.

Sarah: “I feel emotionally battered”
A switched-on woman is trying to break free of a traumatic relationship, but worries that she has lost her voice and ability to say ‘no’.

Michelle: “I feel myself aching to go back to him”
A woman that has escaped domestic violence tells her story, and shares her complicated post-abuse feelings about her ex boyfriend.

Ceecee: “I need to straighten myself out and fast”
Ceecee has left her abuser seven times in 18 months. She has cut off communication with him, but continues to struggle against the trauma bond – and her own heart.

Kyta: “My ex-girlfriend keeps babbling on about how I was abusive”
A reader questions the definition of ‘domestic abuse’, and believes service providers and abuse resources are fuelling false allegations.

Mandy: “I hated myself and loved him like he was some kind of God”
A reader describes how her narcissistic boyfriend used physical abuse and sex to undermine her sense of self-worth. She asks whether narcissists are capable of cruelty.

Jahméne Douglas: “Domestic violence is in my DNA”
“Domestic violence is in my DNA,” says Jahméne Douglas, whose Titanium music video depicts the impact of violence against women. His story highlights the amazing strength of which child survivors of domestic violence are capable.

Juliana: “Maybe I just don’t have the strength to get out”
A woman feels that something is holding her back from leaving her narcissistic husband of 20 years.

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