Don’t think twice, I’m alright

I’m alright. I hope that you are, too.

Now is a crazy-busy time for me. Work has pretty much taken over. But that’s alright, because with the mega projects come the chance for me to write more than ever. My abusive ex cost me a job I loved. Having worked hard all my life, that hurt. Now, I feel I’m making progress with getting my life back on track, for my little boy and I. And that’s alright, as well.

However, I hate that I’ve been unable to update Avalanche of the Soul in a while. I hate that I can’t keep up with the many bloggers that teach me something, that make me laugh, or even make me gasp in awe. I miss you all. I hope that you’re alright, too.

So, I want to share this Bob Dylan classic with you. I love Dylan, as his music always makes me think and feel something. And this particular tune reflects something deep in my soul about where I am today. Waving goodbye to a love that was no good, moving on from the pain, and headed in a new (and very welcome) direction.

In peace.


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