Victim, survivor, and the difference

What’s in a word? Well, for those that have experienced abuse and trauma, rather a lot.

The language that surrounds us shapes how the world sees us, and (most importantly) how we see ourselves. And there are perhaps no more powerful examples than the words ‘victim’ and ‘survivor’.

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These words are stuffed with meaning. They can be empowering or debilitating. See what they represent to me in my Cut-Throat post: Victim, survivor, and the difference.

What do these words mean to you? How do you describe yourself?

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6 responses to “Victim, survivor, and the difference

  1. I have struggled with this topic and have yet to make it into a worthy post like you have. For me, it was imperative to recognize what I had refused to accept, that I had been victimized. I appreciated help from the legal system that recognized that victimization. But you can’t move forward stuck in victimhood, it keeps you focused on the power of others and not your own abilities and I had to address many things I needed to change in order to get the next level, thriver.


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