Seven random factoids (Versatile Blogger Award)

One of the best things about this wonderful Word Press community is how much encouragement we offer one another.

Versatile Blogger AwardSo, a huge thank you to the buoyant betternotbroken for adding to my motivation with her kind nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Her unique approach to blogging humour shows that laughter really can be a medicine for those of us still fighting fear after an abusive relationship. Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time – the more often, the better!


Seven random things about me:

  1. I drink a lot of coffee. And I mean, a LOT.
  2. I believe passionately that everyone’s voice should be heard – especially those that have learned to be quiet.
  3. Not everyone gets my dry sense of humour.
  4. Trust matters to me. Once broken, it’s very hard (sometimes impossible) to repair.
  5. At university, I studied Philosophy and English Literature. This means I’m qualified to think in circles and read books 😉
  6. I love comfy slippers as much as killer heels.
  7. I believe in God, goodness, and humanity.

My Nominees:

Unfortunately, I can only nominate seven magnificent bloggers (thank heavens I’ve more award posts coming up as soon as I have time to get to them). Here they are – if you haven’t already discovered them, please check them out. You won’t be sorry.

Americana Injustica
Healing from Complex Trauma
Sociopath Life
Soul Healing Art
The Ability to Love
Teela Hart

> Rules for accepting the Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. List seven facts about you.
3. Nominate seven other blogs for this award.
4. Announce the nominations to the nominees.

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