Healing from abuse takes courage

It takes resourcefulness to live with domestic abuse. It takes strength to escape. And, it takes courage to heal. Survivors have all three in abundance.

Healing takes courage

Original photo by Bohari Adventures

For survivors of domestic abuse, recovery it is a continual process. We have to work hard at it – every day. But, as survivors, we are well equipped to dig out of the avalanche.

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” (Tori Amos)

You are resourceful, strong, and courageous. And, all those qualities will help you to heal.

Photo by xJasonRogersx

Photo by xJasonRogersx

Which qualities do you believe we need most when seeking to heal from abuse? What tips do you have for others on the journey to recovery?

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8 responses to “Healing from abuse takes courage

  1. This is a tough question you pose because I think it really depends on the individual. Sometimes it might be self esteem, sometimes grief, other times anger but most of the time I think although you are/were the victim you need to get out of the victim mode to take back your power. How you do that is by first loving all of yourself:)

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    • Hi Carol, and thank you for you wise words. You are right, we all react in different ways. You also make a great point about the need to take back our power and love ourselves fully once more. Just to make the break from an abuser is a powerful demonstration that we do have choices, and we do value ourselves – even though it doesn’t always feel that way.


    • I think it takes all these things, self-esteem, coping with grief and some anger here and there and it all takes courage to do. The conditioning of an abusive relationships runs deep and so often so does the fear. As usual a great post Triple S (I borrowed that from Teela to be succinct).


  2. This is a difficult question and I’ve thought about it. The thread that I find runs itself through everything I’ve done is tenacity. I’m sure anger and fear fuel it, but I believe you have to have made up your own mind to leave and then to remain unmoved. We all have different ways of conjuring up the required tenacity, but I believe it is the single most important requirement.


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