Propaganda- The Preferred form of “Communication” of Narcissists and Sociopaths Everywhere

Does your abuser drop words like bombs? Do you wonder why he just won’t accept that you disagree on a minor issue? Like me, have you suffered mental whiplash trying to keep up as his messages change direction at speed? This great post by Kimberly Harding explains why some abusers prefer propaganda to communication, and what that means for us.

Soul Healing Art

The Truth is no Burden The Truth is no Burden

My blog began for several reasons. One of them being an attempt to find an outlet/balance for some of the abuse I was witnessing and experiencing. I seldom write on this topic any more, but when I come across a tidbit or insight that helps me, I like to pass it on.

Abusers do not use truth.
Abusers do not use facts.

What abusers do use is propaganda – an unrelenting, unremitting release of a message that may or may not have any basis in reality.

Inherent in this use of propaganda is the explicit command that you will believe this material,
despite any counter information, instincts, awareness or knowledge on your behalf.

Many of us enter conversations and interactions looking for common ground. We realize perceptions vary between individuals and thus, we may agree to disagree. We may not always be happy with one…

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