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In the UK, around two women a week are killed by their violent partner or ex partner. But the emotional bruises and scars that are caused by living with domestic abuse are often unseen.

For some service providers, it’s simple. Leave your abusive partner. Problem solved. But, for many survivors, this is just the start of the recovery process. We live in the shadow of the avalanche of the soul – the nuanced feelings of fear, guilt, insecurity and loss that don’t automatically disappear when we walk (or run) away from our abuser.

Violence in an intimate relationship is always accompanied by emotional abuse. It is the emotional abuse that allows the violence to happen. Sometimes, our abuser is never physical.

This blog is about the stories behind the statistics. My story. My exit from a physically and emotionally abusive relationship that I once thought would engulf me.

By sharing my story, and what I am learning as I try to rebuild my life and understand what has happened to me, I hope to help others. So, here’s how my story starts.

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